What temperature should wine be served?


To taste the wine , we have to find the moment, the wineglass and the appropriated temperature. And perhaps this last one is the most important variable. We have all heard that white wines must be served very cold and in the red wines at room temperature.
Unfortunately, If we follow strictly the saying coined in France for centuries can spoil us a good experience of tasting.

And it is important to be aware that years ago the heaters did not exist, and the bottles were kept in cold underground cellars. Possibly the dining room at that time should not be more than 18 degrees, so perhaps this is the “room temperature” at which the French saying relates.
The more complex the wine should be drunk at a higher temperature, but never rising from 17-18 º C corresponding to the red of Reserva and Gran Reserva. Usually, these are the recommended temperatures.

What temperature should wine be served

Young whites. Between 7 and 10 ° C. A lower temperature would mask the aromas and present a flat taste.
Foster White. Between 10 and 12 º C. Thus maintain fruit aromas.
Young reds. Between 12 and 15 º C. So we can appreciate its freshness.
Crianza wines. Between 14 and 17 º C. This arc ensures the relevance of the tannins.
Reserva wines. Between 17 and 18 º C. If we consume at a higher temperature, the flavors and aromas of aging are masked and would highlight the alcohol.

Between 10 and 12 º C. A higher temperature increases acidity considerably.

The temperature of the wine affects its aroma, taste and even your touch. By the way, to chill a bottle of wine quickly and effectively, it is best to use a bucket with water and ice. Rather not advisable through the freezer because the change is too abrupt. And how can we know the temperature at which the bottle is? The answer is left for another post.

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