Interview with Roberto Monforte, San Miguel Winery winemaker and creator of Obrada


Monforte Roberto Lopez is, since 2003, the winemaker of Bodegas San Miguel. Originally from Villamediana, a town in the heart of Rioja, how could not be otherwise he comes from a winemaking family.

Interview with Roberto Monforte

Question. How has your family influenced your passion for wine?
Roberto Monforte. It has been fundamental. I grew up, as it were, between vineyards and the wine world has been my natural environment. This is what I’ve lived in my house forever. From early on I knew I wanted to do this. I consider myself very lucky to be doing what I want.

Q. What are the main challenges faced by Bodegas San Miguel?

RM. I think we are doing well. I have over 10 years in charge of the creation process of our wines. Obviously, belonging to the denomination of origin Rioja, we must adapt to a number of parameters. From there, my job is to produce the best wine possible. To do this I count with a team of people without whom my work would be meaningless. The main challenge is to continue our sustained growth line. The winery has 233 members and is critical care grapes as we have been doing so far. Now we are at an important time of going abroad with our wines.
In fact, we export an important but we must consolidate our new markets.

Q. Red or white?

RM. Every moment has its own. It depends on the food and also the time of year. I like to drink the two and also work with them. But if I had to decantarme by a guy, it would be red. I pull the tannins.

Q. Why young people do not drink wine?

RM. Consumption patterns have changed in recent years. Drink less but better quality. It seems that the young shoots them more beer. Maybe drinking wine starts around thirty …


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