Our Obrada 2013 young red wine has been selected as institutional wine

institutional wine

In Obrada we are proud to say that, our young red wine from the 2013 vintage has been selected by the Regulatory Council of La Rioja, as the institutional winefor this year, in the category of “generic red wine 2013″.

What does this distinction mean?

It is a very important recognition to the work and career of the San Miguel Winery and, of course, for the entire population of Ausejo because along with six other wines corresponding to other categories, our Obrada will be served during 2014 in institutional events worldwide performing the Regulatory Board.

Our young red 2013 will wear a specially designed label for this purpose and will be a promotional opportunity backed by great specialists. This year the contest were presented a total of 155 different samples from different Rioja wineries.

The selection process is done through a blind tasting and all the wineries we attach great importance to this initiative, which translates into high turnout, which grows every year.

The full list of selected wines to represent the PDO is as follows:

  • White Young Harvest 2013: Bodegas Faustino S. L. Oyon (Álava)
  • White barrel fermented harvest 2012: Bodegas Tobia SL Haul Cuzcurrita River (La Rioja).
  • Pink young harvest 2013: Bodegas Ilusce SAT de Alfaro (La Rioja)
  • Young red harvest 2013: Bodega San Miguel S. Coop. Ausejo (La Rioja).
  • Red Crianza 2011 vintage: Bodegas Palacio SA Laguardia (Álava).
  • Vintage 2010 red book: Wineries Bilbaínas, SA Haro (La Rioja).
  • Harvesting Tinto Gran Reserva 2005 Bodegas Rioja Vega SA Viana (Navarra).


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