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bodega san miguel obrada

Winery San Miguel is located in Ausejo, a population of La Rioja, situated about 30 km from Logroño. The municipality lies at the top of a hill, and has a privileged position to contribute the quality of the grapes. Our winery was founded by 191 cooperative partners, they pooled their efforts and capital to build, with their own hands and in their spare time, a wine cellar, because by them selves they were unable to be competitive and stay in a wine market in continuous evolution and dominated by the major wineries of La Rioja.

Since then the winery has undergone various renovations to become what it is today, a very prosperous Winery. that has all the technical means to carry out the entire process of development since the arrival of grapes to the winery, until it turns into wine, both in bulk, for the more prestigious wineries of La Rioja, as bottled as Obrada,and all this without losing essence initial project, always take care of their grapes and their cooperative ,still today the members of the cooperative are taking care of the entire production process .

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