The benefits of wine (in moderation)

beneficios del vino

Wine is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages known. In Egypt, they found numerous references in writing their preparation. However, the earliest evidence found so far is a winery of the year 6000. C. located in Armenia. Since that time, wine has accompanied various civilizations throughout history. And curiously, especially in the West, has been the drink adopted by the upper classes to irrigate all the celebrations.

But beyond their age and prestige, a large number of scientific studies have shown the benefits of wine health with moderate consumption. The recommended limit is approximately a daily drink for women and two for men. Overall the red wine is beneficial because it is richer in tannins and antioxidants.

And which are the benefits of wine ?

Wine is a powerful metal grease. According to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, its consumption prevents the formation of new fat cells by activating the SIRT1 gene. It also reduces overweight and obesity as we age.

The wine prevents loss of teeth. A study by the University of Pavia has shown that both red and white wine act against streptococci, oral bacteria responsible for caries.

The wine reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Thanks mainly to its vasodilator effect in arteries.
Wine is almost like exercising. It seems that the grapes contain resveratrol which helps the effects of a sedentary lifestyle are less negative. Obviously not a substitute for physical activity but it can help minimize the disadvantages suffered by persons obliged to remain resting.

The wine reduces the risk of cancer. Especially lung cancer in men and breast cancer in women, due to flavonoids and their antioxidant properties.

If to all this we add that any meal accompanied with some good wine improves significantly, we have the perfect excuse to enjoy it. But always in moderation.


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